The Jeff Easter Recipe Book By Coach Toni


The Jeff Easter Recipe Book By Coach Toni

Cooking has many purposes – one of which is to feed people. But when we enter the kitchen, search for new recipes, or discuss culinary experiences, we are sharing parts of who we really are.
Our primal instinct at birth is to feed, comforted by the intimacy that a nurturer provides, and although this is less evident as we grow up, this connection stays with us. We use food to mark occasions that are important to us and share moments that connect us.

We all celebrate different things and we all eat different things, but sitting down around a table to share a meal is something that we all desire. Easter welcomes regeneration and the renewal of life, so in similar metaphors, I hope that these recipes, and all our others, will play a part in regenerating your energy, nourishing your body, and helping you live your best life with those closest to you.- Coach Toni -

– Coach Toni –

Hot Cross Bun Breakfast Pudding

Pickled Fish

Mama G’s Herbed Fillet of Beef

Greek Goodness

Papaya Bowl

Sumac Roasted Carrots with Tahini Drizzle

Sweet Baby Cabbages

Vegan Fig Ice Cream

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