Recipe Booklet cuisinart

Recipe Booklet cuisinart

Recipe Booklet cuisinart

Recipe Booklet CuisinartRecipe Booklet cuisinart product


You will absolutely love the Griddler & Deep Pan. A grill designed for ultimate versatility, ease, and convenience – not to mention deliciousness every time!
We understand life can get very busy and demanding, and learning how to use a new kitchen appliance and perfecting the results can be an effort and time-consuming ordeal.
Here below is a quick guide on how to get you started, with unfailing recipes of minimal hassle and maximum taste. Our goal in designing these recipes was to showcase the meal opportunities you can create with your every day pantry basics and other common kitchen staples – hopefully creating a platform in igniting meal inspiration.


Nylon tongs: to turn steaks, chicken, shellfish, and vegetables Heavy-duty spatula: to flip burgers and delicate fish fillets Pastry brushes: to brush oil, glazes, and barbecue sauces Canola or vegetable oil: These neutral oils are best for grilling since they don’t add flavor and have a high smoking point Inexpensive instant-read thermometer: to check the internal temperature of meat “TAKE 5” Removing meat from the grill when it is about 5 degrees below the desired middle internal temperature then loosely covering with foil and leaving to sit for 5 to 15 minutes before slicing, allows the juices to redistribute, for a tenderer piece of meat or fish.


  • Start with the best steak you can buy
  • Look for bright red color and marbling
  • For higher quality cuts look for MSA-graded meat labels. Good cuts for grilling are Scotch Fillet/Rib Eye, Porterhouse, Rump, and Eye Fillet.
  • The most important element in grilling is thickness: at least 2.5cm to 4cm thick
  • The grill should be as hot as possible (230°C) to sear meat and seal in juices before reducing the temperature. Always wait until the grill is preheated.
  • Meat should be at room temperature where possible 30 minutes out of the fridge.
  • Do not season until ready to cook


Food Thickness/ Weight Temp. Approx timings




Red Meat


Steak – Med. Rare (Closed position)

2cm 230ºC 4 mins
2.5cm 230ºC 6 mins
5cm 230ºC 8 mins
Kebab 2cm 180°C 8 mins
Hamburger Patty 2cm depth 230ºC 7-9 mins




Sausage 85g 180°C 15-20 mins
Chop (bone in or boneless) 2cm 180°C 8-12 mins
Loin boneless 2cm – 2.5cm 180°C 10 mins




Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless) 170g – 225g 180°C 10-12 mins
Chicken Pieces (bone in, assorted) 85g – 170g 180°C 25-35 mins
Kebab 2cm – 3.5cm 230ºC 8-10 mins





Fish, Fillet, or Steak

2cm – 2.5cm 230ºC 3-4 mins
3cm – 3.5cm 230ºC 4-6 mins
Whole Fish 450g 180°C 12-15 mins
Prawns 40g 230ºC 2-4 mins









Asparagus 1cm stem width 230ºC 5 mins


Husk 230ºC 20-25 mins
Husked 230ºC 10-12 mins
Mushroom Portobello 230ºC 6-8 mins
Capsicum Quartered 230ºC 8-10 mins
Onion 1cm slices 230ºC 6-8 mins
Potato 0.5cm slices 230ºC 10-12 mins
Zucchini 1.5cm slices 230ºC 5 mins
Eggplant 1cm slices 230ºC 5 mins


Peanut Satay Chicken Skewer Kebabs

Grilled Asparagus or Green Beans

Spicy-rub Pork Chops

Grilled Lemon & Thyme Salmon

Caramelised Banana Or Pineapple

Salami & Pickle Grilled Cheese Toastie

Gourmet Steak & Cheese Sandwich

Strawberry & Nutella Panini

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Crispy Hash Browns

Easy-Cheesy Quesadillas

Bacon & Eggs

Classic Cheeseburger

Shakshuka Eggs

Deep Pan Chicago-Style Pizza

Chilli Con Carne

Vanilla Or Chocolate Cake





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