Cold Tea Brew Lattes

Cold Tea Brew Lattes

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Cold Tea Brew LattesCold Tea Brew Lattes


Cuisinart has designed this hand blender with convenience and portability in mind. No longer bound to wall plug locations, use your hand blender in any location – from the kitchen table to picnics, or wherever blending is required. This versatile hand blender maintains the perfect power for blending soups and smoothies to whipping cream.


  • The liquid should not come closer than 2cm from where the shaft attaches to the motor housing.
  • When using with a nonstick cooking surface, be careful not to scratch the coating with the edge of the blender blade guard.
  • Cut solid foods into 1 cm pieces for easier blending.
  • Pour liquid ingredients into the mixing cup first, unless the recipe instructs otherwise.
  • For best results, allow 20–30 of seconds rest time in between 1-minute cycles.
  • To avoid splatter, be sure the protective blade guard on the blending shaft remains submerged in the liquid while blending. Never remove it from the liquid while the motor is running.
  • Do not put fruit pits, bones, or other hard material into the blending mixture, as these damage the blades.
  • Do not fill mixing containers too full. The level of the mixture will rise when blending and may overflow.

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