Cold Tea Brew Latte

Cold Tea Brew Latte

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Cold Tea Brew LatteCold Tea Brew Latte Cuisinart


The Cuisinart Cordless Personal Blender delivers convenient portability – no longer bound to plug locations! Featuring innovative USB charging, this personal blender gives you the freedom to blend the perfect smoothie, cocktail or shake anywhere, at any time.


  •  Add liquid ingredients first then follow with solid ingredients for more consistent blending.
  • We recommend food is cut into 1-2cm pieces for the most uniform result.
  • Pulse a few times before running consistently. Pulses are short bursts with a second between each one.
  • After blending, flip the tumbler over so that the blade assembly is at the top, remove the blade assembly and replace with provided flip lid.
  • Do not overload the tumbler – as this can result in inconsistent textures.

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